Deby Cohen

I love that all the inventory in my workplace has a purpose and a destination.” Deby Cohen

Purpose is a goal we all want with work. Knowing what you do and why you do it is necessary, is fulfilling and moves you to continue to grow in skill and confidence.

Deby’s story starts as many do in Manitoba, as a new immigrant, learning a new language, and adapting to new situations. At 10 years old, Deby moved from Tucumán, Argentina, and started her education at Grey’s Academy.

Struggling with both language and her disabilities, Deby found school initially socially isolating and difficult, but with the help of some incredible professionals and compassionate peers, found her voice and talent as she made her way through the education system. She discovered an outlet in writing short stories, a skill she continues to this day. It’s not hard to imagine someday finding a copy of short stories by Deborah Cohen in a book store near you.

Deby applied to be a Project SEARCH student in 2012, performing rotations through Manitoba Hydro in Computer Operations, Project Sustainability, Corporate Facilities before finally with the Province of Manitoba at the Materials Distribution Agency.

She credits Project SEARCH with the opportunity to acquire job skills and real work experience as well as making great connections among the students. Deby takes the new skills she has learned in the classroom and now applies some of them to event planning with one of her peers, organizing social events for the past and present students.

Transitioning from Project SEARCH to SCE LifeWorks Supported Employment Services provided Deby that important one-to-one counselling, and the care of Employment Consultants who took their time to know who she was, and her abilities, advising on the best job and employer.

Deby was employed at MDA as a Storekeeper 1 in October of 2013 and has continued to gain experience and skills in her time with the organization.

“ Deby is one of the agency’s rockstars.” Robert Nichols, Logistics Manager

In a job that requires high levels of accuracy and productivity, Deby has excelled at “picking and packing”, as they call it in the warehouse, and follows all safety protocols.

I love that I get to move around a lot. I get to match and pick products and I get to place it all on a skid like a puzzle.” Deby Cohen

Deby credits her job with being able to go back to Argentina to visit her family members there, something she may not have had the opportunity to do without working for MDA. Her pride in her work, and in her desire to learn more, get better, and change has opened up future potential and continued success. Clearly, the world is not enough and Deby has earned the right to be proud of her accomplishments, and we are certainly proud of what Deby has achieved.

Picture is of a young woman in a teal blue tshirt and tan coloured cropped pants riding a red pallet jack. She has dark hair and is wearing a blue face mask. There is a lilac watch on her left wrist. In the background there are orange and grey metal shelves stacked with boxes.