Reverse Job Fair

At a traditional job fair, employers are stationed at tables, while job seekers float from table to table, learning about employers and handing out résumés. At a Reverse Job Fair, these roles are, well…reversed! Job seekers are stationed at tables and employers come to them to learn more about their skills and experience.

You can get involved with Project SEARCH by attending a Reverse Job Fair. These annual meet-and-greet events are held for every graduating class and provide an opportunity to identify and talk with potential hires among our graduates.

This is an opportunity to really get to know the potential students seeking employment, their interests, and their passions, in a more relaxed and comfortable environment than the traditional job fairs and recruitment drives.

Picture is of room with white/beige walls, desks and chairs. There are many people milling about in the photo. The bottom center has a young woman seated at a desk who is smiling. She has dark hair and is wearing a dark shirt. Just behind her is another young woman standing who is wearhing a dark jacket with a blue toned shirt under. She also has dark hair. To the right in the photo is a woman in profile, who is wearing a lighter coloured jacket with black hair and appears to be speaking to the other two women.

Upcoming dates for Reverse Job Fair: Spring TBA
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