The Business Advisory Council for Project SEARCH

The goal of the Business Advisory Council (BAC) is to broaden the opportunities available to Project SEARCH students/interns across a variety of industries, provide individuals with developmental disabilities access to the resources they need to be successfully employed in a wide range of fields, and serve as a platform to further educate business professionals about the benefits of employing individuals with disabilities. The measurable goal is 100% employment of Project SEARCH interns/students.

BAC members serve as ambassadors to other companies with which they have relationships, as well as other businesses where they may not currently have contacts. The BAC has the pulse of the business landscape including trade and corporate organizations. The BAC brings a business/sector perspective to both identify potential opportunities, as well as potential obstacles to employment, for interns/students. We depend on the BAC to tell us what jobs are available, what skills are in demand, and to broaden the horizons for the Project SEARCH interns/students.

Members should attend 4 -6 meetings per year, predominantly between September and June,each of which lasts about an hour, be a liaison for Project SEARCH to the business community, assist in looking for employment opportunities and provide their industry expertise.

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