Consider hosting a student for a work experience rotation.

We are seeking businesses to host students in their third and final rotation with Project SEARCH. Choosing to host a student for the third rotation allows for new skills to be taught, an opportunity to mentor in job experience, and discover abilities.

For most of April through June, A Project SEARCH student would work in your business/organization. Though hours might vary, students will typically be working from approximately 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Monday – Friday. A Skills Trainer would initially come with the student to ensure that the student is learning the work tasks correctly. As the student learns the tasks, the Skills Trainer will “fade back” supports until they are periodically visiting to ensure that the work experience is working well for both the student and the business. Project SEARCH Winnipeg provides additional training if job tasks or circumstances change, as well as ongoing support.

Benefits of Hosting a Student:

• Project SEARCH Skills Trainers provide initial training and ongoing flexible support.

• Project SEARCH will help identify necessary training supports and modifications.

• Project SEARCH prides itself in working with employers to facilitate a comfortable environment where the student feels welcomed and the employer is confident.

• Your opportunity to demonstrate leadership and commitment to an inclusive and diverse community.