Project SEARCH Eligibility and Criteria

If you are a student with a developmental disability whose main goal is employment and you could benefit from career exploration, Project SEARCH might be the right choice for you. Project SEARCH is a unique one-year business-partnered transition program for high school students to immerse them into an organization and learn employability skills through a variety of work rotations. Individualized placements are based on a student’s experiences, strengths, and skills. Students are provided with support in the form of accommodation, adaptations, and on-the-job coaching.

Application Criteria

Students interested in Project SEARCH must:

  • Be at least 17 years of age
  • Completed high school credits necessary for graduation.
  • Agree that this will be the last year of student services, and will accept diploma at the end of the school year.
  • Meet eligibility requirements for Manitoba Department of Families (Community Living disAbility Services or EAPD Services), and if graduating before 21 years of age, student is sufficiently independent to be a good match for employment-specific services that can be offered through EAPD.
  • Desire and plan to work competitively in the community at the conclusion of the program.
  • Have independent personal hygiene and grooming skills.
  • Have independent daily living skills.
  • Maintain appropriate behaviour and social skills in the workplace
  • Take direction from supervisors and change behaviour.
  • Utilize public transportation when available or alternatively have other means of getting to work. Transportation to/from site and costs associated are student/family responsibility.
  • Have previous experience in a work environment (including school, volunteer, and paid work).
  • Have a clear criminal record, child abuse registry and adult abuse registry check.
  • Willing/able to have all vaccinations necessary for working in a hospital setting (HSC Winnipeg site only).

Please note this criteria is intended to determine application eligibility.

Other variables such as environment and task match will be weighted when selecting applicants.